Fusion (fu·sion, noun) - a merging of diverse, distinct, or separate elements into a unified whole.

What We Do

Uniting iconic companies with extraordinary people

When exceptional founders connect with elite talent, they create an energetic synergy.
Utilizing years of expertise, intuition, and network, Alex and Andrew facilitate these powerful connections, applying an Anti-Scale approach to Fusion by offering founders unparalleled opportunities to engage with the most elusive technical talent.

Alex Zakupowsky

Co-Founder, Engineering

Andrew Abramson

Co-Founder, Product

Andrew co-launched Fusion with the vision of building a Partner-driven firm that delivers exceptional outcomes to companies and fosters lasting relationships with Product Management leaders. Prior to Fusion, Andrew successfully placed over 70 Product executives at prominent tech companies across all stages (Series A through Public) while working at executive search firms such as Riviera Partners and Korn Ferry. Andrew began his career in sports analytics with the global agency, Octagon.

In co-founding Fusion, Alex sought to set a new standard in service quality and commitment within the Engineering ecosystem. Prior to Fusion, Alex worked as a Managing Partner at Artisanal Talent, leading their Engineering practice and completing over 50 CTO searches. Alex started his career in politics on Capitol Hill where he worked on the 2012 Presidential Election and various Congressional campaigns.